We have had some record fishing days this season with limits of lingcod and rockfish common. Jigging for lingcod in depths near the coastline has been highly productive. A new technique I picked up has improved our hook to land ratio this season which really has me excited for the future. The technique involves jigging soft plastic baits with light tackle. Its not revolutionary but the way we do it is. You’ll have to come out and fish with us to see! In Oregon the ocean lingcod season is open year around, with some of the best fishing occurring in the winter and spring months. Lingcod are known for their cryptic camouflage appearance, and fierce toothy grin. They are piscivorous predators that lurk on the rocky near coastal reefs hunting for fish, crab, or octopus to make a meal off. Lingcod are highly aggressive in the winter and spring while spawning takes place. October through March the number of weather windows are limited but when tide, wind, and wave height allow our boats head out to reward the persistence with world class lingcod fishing. Our port of Charleston is unique in that it is a deep-water port, with the safest ocean access in Oregon. Our Captains are all seasoned veterans of the sea and are known for targeting trophy lingcod. We are also very good at finding the medium “good eating size fish” as well. Leave the trophy lingcod for pictures and keep the smaller fish to eat is my nuanced approach. If you have never eaten lingcod, let me describe it for you. It is a white halibut like meat but better and easier to cook. Known by locals for its moist consistency and mild flavor, it is highly prized as table fare. The lingcod limit is 2 per angler a day and it is very common for anglers to catch their limit. Head out with us for a winter adventure on the ocean and enjoy the best lingcod action you have ever seen.