The season is finally open and we can combine crabbing with all of our fishing trips in the ocean. So far catches have been excellent with limits of large 2 lbs. crabs being caught while we were fishing. On a typical day we head out fishing and drop our crab pots on the way out, and then head off for the fishing grounds. On the way back from fishing we head back to the pots and pick them up with our Scotty brand pot hauler. It’s nice to have everyone participate in the measuring and sorting. Looking over the side of boat waiting to catch the first glimpse of the pot is a favorite. Once we get back to land we take them to get processed at “Fillet Away” by Leroy and Patty. They steam the best crab I have ever had. Be sure to ask for the garlic lovers flavoring. It adds so much to the flavor of the steamed crab. Be sure to crack some and eat it on the spot. There is nothing quite as good as fresh ocean crab straight out of the steamer.