Capt. Chris

Captain Chris Wesley is a professional charter Captain with more than eight years of experience as a licensed Charter Boat Captain. He enjoys spending time fishing the rivers, bays and pacific ocean. Captain Chris is a great teacher! Teaching those with no experience, as well as swapping tips and tales with seasoned fisherman. Chris has a knack for tailoring the fishing experience for his clients. He provides a unique opportunity to learn a new skill and do something fun while reconnecting with friends, enjoying a day with family, or team building with colleagues. Chris has the skills and know-how to make it an amazing and memorable fishing adventure.

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Captain Chris Wesley is ready to venture out and drop lines in the hottest fishing spots on the Oregon Coast! Let’s Go in this stunning North River outfitted with everything to get you there and back loaded with fish!

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Our experienced Captain’s will guide you to the best fishing spots in the Oregon Pacific! Decades of actual fish catching techniques and the best navigation skills! 

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Capt. Chris

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Chris Wesley  will take you on a memorable guided trip and load the deck with fish! Great memories on the Miss Islay!